Mark Driscoll and Dating

Dating. A popular topic. One of the most popular among Christian teens. Sunday 2/17/08 Mark Driscoll preached a fantastic sermon about dating and guy/girl relationships. Mark’s sermon can be watched here. It addressed all the great points. What is courtship? Is dating okay? What is “christian dating”? What is too far? Why date?

Though I have decided not to date until I’m out of highschool, I still got a lot out of it! For instance, it’s hard not to go after guys, but do you really want a guy who goes after flirts? Let a man pursue you for who you really are. Also, why date if you’re not ready to get married? It’s like asking the person’s dad, “can I have part of your son/daughter’s heart for a few months? I don’t want to marry him/her, I just want to have fun.” Would you ask that of someone!?!!? I’d hope not. Also, wait for a man who is a leader and who cherishes you. It’s so hard to wait, and it seems so easy just to flirt with the guys and get attention that way, but I know that’s not pursuing the best for me, for him, and for our future. I want to be able to walk down the isle without any regrets. God give me strength.


February 20, 2008. Tags: , , . Lessons from God.


  1. blackreformingkid replied:

    Mark really dealt with the topic in a very Biblical way, and it was a cool sermon to listen to…and the bubble suit was real funny as well!

  2. soaronwingslikeeagles replied:

    yeah, the bubble suit was something else… I really want to hear who got to have it for the day!!!

    I love Mark Driscoll’s sermons, they always turn out amazing. The whole atmosphere–there’s nothing like being at one of the Mars Hill campuses!!!!

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