Friends–one of God’s biggest blessings

Today, I was sitting on the couch nestled between one of my friends and the couch arm, watching “The Transporter” with several teens from my youth group. It never ceases to amaze me how relational God has created us to be, and how he brings such wonderful people into our lives! The people in that room have always been there for me–really lived out Proverbs 17:17.

 And while I was marveling over this (and while Jason Statham as “Frank Martin” chased down the bad guys in the movie) I also came to think about how weird it is that I was sitting in that room with those people, and genuinely having a good time. You see, these kids make up the “popular group” of our youth group. As any teen, I fought for years to be noticed by these people and to be “one of them”. That became my idol, my god, what I was living for.

A few months ago, my life fell apart. It seemed hopeless to me, but after God broke me down, He built me up–even stronger. During this process, I realized that I didn’t need to be accepted by these people, that I was just being selfish and looking out for myself, and that I really needed to be focused on God. Easy to say, but hard to do!!!!

So just when I get to the point that  I don’t care anymore about being noticed by these people, when I surrender those relationships to the Lord and get to the point that I could live without them and rely solely on God, wonder of wonders, He brought them back into my life, and put me in the group of people I so desired to be with.

 Now my daily struggle is not falling into the easy pattern of being disrespectful regarding my parents, and keeping my language and thoughts clean.


February 22, 2008. Tags: , , . Church, Lessons from God.

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