My Talk

God is good. He gave me words. I was able to deliver them in a thought-out manner. I was able to be transparent and vulnerable without being too upsetting (I think). I was able to deliver my challenge to the upperclassmen and guys without sounding snobbish or conceited.

Basically, this was what I talked about. I shared my story and how I “did church” for so long. About a year and a half ago, the puppy I raised to be a guide dog (who I had poured my heart and life into) went back for advanced training and was dropped for health problems. I fought with God for months over WHY he had to have Arturo be dropped? Wasn’t it easier just to have him make it? Is it really too much to ask? But after 2 months of fighting God, I realized that He is sovreign and had (and still does have!) a perfect plan for me. I learned to surrender.

At that point, I really wanted to focus on God. When He’s THAT good to you, how can you not respond by love, adoration, and sacrifice? That’s when I found the Rebelution and God used Alex and Brett to totally and compeletly transform my life and give me ways to practically live out my faith. Their posts to this day inspire me to live out what I believe and really DO HARD THINGS.

Ladies and Gents, life is tough. But God wants us to do His will, even if it’s hard, even if it means giving up comfort. It’s the right thing, it’s the smart thing, it’s the hard thing.

From there, I shared my 3 challenges with my youth group:

  1. Identify “watershed moments” in your life (times when God has really touched you in some way)
  2. Check out the Rebelution and consider coming to the Portland Conference with me
  3. Be leaders. ESPECIALLY the upperclassmen (if we don’t lead, who will???) and the guys (we girls want SO MUCH for the guys to lead, so do it, guys!)

Between the tears when I talked about Arturo and fighting with God, and the passion when talking about the Rebelution, I think God was really able to use me in some way. At least I hope. As one of my friends reminded me going in to this, “even if only one person is affected through your testimony, you’ve reached success.” Thanks for the words of encouragement, Josh.

And to anyone reading this, step up. Do what God’s calling you to do. It might be hard. It probably will be. But hard things cause us to grow. God wants us to grow. God loves us SO MUCH that He sent His only son to take our punishment. Jesus, God’s Son, willingly died a terrible and brutal death because He wants us to be saved from our sins. Guys, that’s the ultimate. All we have to do is accept the free gift of Jesus dying for us, and we can have a personal relationship with God. And it rocks. Life with God is better than anything you can ever imagine. That’s the point of my talk to my youth group. That’s the point of my life.

God is good. God is loving. God is faithful. God is merciful. God is just. God is caring. God is amazing.



March 25, 2008. Tags: , , , . Church, Lessons from God.

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