The Christian and The God



I’ve been reading my textbook like a good student who is trying to finish school strong, and I came across this interesting idea… Talking about the Puritans and their strict rules, the book was talking about Luther’s Creator-Redeemer idea.

What is the Creator-Redeemer Idea?

Creator-Redeemer says that God is not only someone high-up who created the world and stepped out (as diests would say) and he also is not just someone who came to earth to save us. He both created and rules over the world we live in, and came to save us from eternal punishment. Assumptians by Christian Overman goes on to say that this idea bring us an interesting thought. Overman notes how we tend to separate the “Sacred” from the “Secular”.

Sacred and Secular

What makes a church sacred (or something that’s holy, having to with God or religion) and a skyscraper secular (something to do with the world, not related to God)? We separate the two worlds of sacred and secular because God doesn’t seem to be in one place (our secular lives) but abounds in the other. The result of this way of thinking, though, is that we separate God from every aspect of our lives. You see, the skyscraper is just as sacred as the church. Men that God created used thoughts God gave them to design the building. Men God created and gave talents, strength, and intelligence built the building. God is in the skyscraper just as much as the church.

Why Does it Matter?

Why? Because we have the tendency to do in our lives exactly what we do with the buildings. We separate in our heads the “difference” between our church life and our school life, our “God face” and our “friends face”. Pretty much when we’re at church, youth group, Christian conferences, or religious things, we put on one face that’s modest, holy, pure, humble, and in total submission to God, but as soon as we get in the car we turn on inappropriate radio stations, swear at the driver who cut us off, and knowingly disobey the law (i.e. speed). After really thinking about it, I don’t know how we justify this behavior switch except to fool ourselves into believing that God isn’t there watching. The problem is, God doesn’t just exist in church or at “holy gatherings” He’s everywhere, all the time.

I’m not separating myself from everyone else and saying I never do this. The reason I’m blogging about it it because I do it. I do it every day and not realize it. The word hypocrite comes to mind. Doing one thing one place and another thing somewhere else.  Sacred and Secular. Is there a difference? Should there be? Something to think on…


My apologies to all who have been reading and seeing the lack in updates… I usually update this blog once a week or so. Leave me a comment if I forget!!


May 14, 2008. Lessons from God.

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  1. outofthetrenches replied:

    Those are some awesome points.

    Thank you for that humble conclusion, it was very encouraging.


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