At our church, the pastor is talking about spiritual disciplines. The one for this week was fasting. Great. Fasting is a thing old people do to make them more holy or something. ….or not.


Our youth pastor goes over the main church sermon and applies it to the youth durning the youth service. So we can’t skate out this time by saying it’s only something adults do. Mark (my youth pastor) talked about different kinds of fasts: food fasts (absolute and partial) and thing fasts (stuff and people).              

 Absolute fasts are where you don’t eat ANYTHING or drink ANYTHING. Your body can only handle this for 3 days. It’s not generally recommended unless you really feel like God is calling you to do it. Partial fasts are where you can still drink water (and some people also drink energy drinks or juice). Your body can handle this for up to 40 days.

The non-food fasts are where you just take time off from something or someone. It can range from not watching TV, playing video games, going online, blogging *cough cough *, to not dating, shopping, spending money, or texting. It’s just taking a break from things that get in the way of God being the focus of our lives.

Our youth pastor challenged the youth group to a 24-hour partial food fast. Those who want to participate aren’t eating from lunch today to lunch tomorrow, and devoting the time spent to eating, to prayer and Bible study. As you might have guessed, I took Mark up on the challenge and for some reason decided to torture myself by looking at all these yummy pictures…


24 hours for me ends tomorrow at 12 noon. It works out well because I have online class at noon, and I need to be alert and not hungry for that. So far I haven’t learned much–except that I love food. 😀


May 20, 2008. Lessons from God.


  1. Matthew replied:

    Wow. It’s hard enough without the pictures!

  2. cj replied:

    All those pictures of food are making me hungry!

    Great job for accepting the challenge!


  3. Kole replied:

    May I ask why are you fasting?

  4. Anna replied:

    I chose to fast from food for the same reason as I am fasting from my cell phone. I put the amount of time that I WOULD have spent eating into praying, reading my Bible and journaling. For me it was putting off my own desires so that I can spend time with Jesus.

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