I can’t…I’m busy

I’m a theater kid. I’ve been acting, singing, and dancing since I was 9. But along with any extra curricular activity comes a huge time investment. In September I was in a production of “Cinderella” the musical, and had rehearsals every weeknight for a month, and then 16 shows over 3 weekends and 2 week days. The other day one of my friends saw a shirt that said “I can’t, I have rehearsal” and started laughing because she thought it was ridiculous. Then she stopped, looked at me and says, “actually that’s about right.” For every night during rehearsal for Cinderella, I had to tell people I couldn’t hang out, go to the movies, or have dinner. I even went to rehearsal on my birthday. But it’s funny how often we say or think that phrase–“I can’t…I’m busy”. Most often, we tell it to God.

This past week I’ve been struck at how God is supposed to be my best friend. Since when do I tell my friend to stop calling me because I want to dance, or to go away because I’m texting. But yet, I do that to God all the time. I find that the busier I get, the happier I seem to be, but ultimately chaos comes out of it because I tend to leave God to the “spare time” instead of 1st priority.

So nothing too earthshattering today, just a simple revelation that He deserves way more time than make-up, dancing, my friends, or any other thing–even if it is a good thing.


May 28, 2008. Lessons from God.

One Comment

  1. Kirsten B replied:

    wow! That’s so cool. I’ve done the same thing hundreds of times! I always have to remind myself that if He really is number 1 in my life, then He should have the most time. That’s how you judge whats most important.
    As Christians, we have to keep re-checking our priorities and have God help us to keep them in balance.
    Keep up the great blogging!

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