The Doldrums

Pretty much the title sums it up. In my life, I’ve been not doing much and thus not learning many new lessons. However this evening I did learn something very cool—there are some guys out there who really do care about being gentlemen like I posted on earlier. I was at a friend’s graduation party, and this one guy and I actually got in a long discussion about guys and how flippant most of them are these days, and how they just take and use girls and very rarely actuallyl get to know them in God-honoring relationships. Thus, why I’m not dating for a while. But anyway, I found out this kid really does strive to please God by being courteous. It was great. Made me happy.

For all you ladies out there who are waiting for that “perfect gentleman”…..THERE’S HOPE!!!!!! The great thing is I actually had a similar e-mail discussion with an amazing guy who I really respect as a man of God (he’s my age) and he said the same thing. Don’t give up–there are real guys like that out there….and they’re not all scary nerds. 😀 ……nothing against nerds, I just can’t see myself marrying one.

Especially as I get older and still have never dated. Still have never kissed a guy (well, not one that counts…5-year-old and stage kisses don’t count). Still never told a guy “I love you” in a romantic way, it gets really hard because I see all my friends “falling in love” and being “so happy”.

So the point of this post? Whether a guy or girl keep your standards high, and wait for that “perfect guy/girl” God has for you. Don’t give in to pressure, and honor the Lord in all you do. If I’ve waited all my life to date, so can you. And one day we’ll meet that “special person.” I can’t wait.

Oh, P.S. the Mars Hill sermon was amazing today!! It was about the Church and its role and everything else you’ve ever wanted to know…. I’m sure they’ll post it soon so stay tuned on their website!!


June 8, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Lessons from God.


  1. cj replied:

    you changed your template, I like it.

  2. Kirsten B replied:

    Wow, great post! I loved it! Alot of times it gets really discouraging with the guys that I see, especially at school. But it’s just really great when you meet guys like that- who actually respect women.
    Keep up the great writing!

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