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My friend Emily is 17 and her mom just passed away. It was a very quick thing. It started by an infection in her foot and led to the doctors having to amputate a toe. I didn’t hear exactly what she died of, but I’m guessing the infection spread.


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Those weird “hint hint” moments

Ever had one of those times when you’re sitting somewhere, busy doing something, and you feel this incredible urge to do something or say something? I have. One of them happened today.

Summer’s monotonus routine has set in. Get up. Throw on clothes. Do hair, make-up, and whatever else needs doing. Grab something to eat and munch on it while finishing the previous step. Drop lunch into work bag and head out door. Make sure mom is ready to drive to park and ride. Take bus to work site. Work. Take bus home. Chill. Sleep. Repeat.

Today I completed the beginning steps of that routine, and then stepped on the bus to go to work. People get on the bus before me and after me and at the same time as me all the time. Nothing weird about the other peoples on the bus. One girl sat in the front bench seats reading a book. Again, nothing weird about that either. As she turned the pages, I noticed the title, “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. Okay so where I live is one of the most un-churched areas in the US. Very rarely do you see someone reading something like that on public transportation. Weird.

That’s about when the “hint hint” moment started.

God: Anna go talk to that girl.

Anna: Why? She will probably think I’m really weird.

God: Does that really matter? Go talk to that girl.

Anna: What if she’s not a Christian and asks me questions I can’t answer? What if she is, and the situation gets awkward?

God: Stop “what iffing”, go talk to her.

Anna: I’ll do it after the next stop. (maybe she’ll get off then!!)

God: Go talk to her. Now.

Anna: If I don’t talk to her, what’s the worst that could happen? I fell bad? psh. I’d probably forget in a day or two. Besides, won’t she think I’m weird? How would I start the converstation? How would I end it?

God: Anna. Stop arguing with me. I mean it, and I know what’s best.

So if you’ve ever felt God prompting you to do something, how did you respond?

I learned arguing with God doesn’t work so well. He always wins in the end. When we stopped at a transit center I feebly remarked, “Oh, I see you’re reading Mere Christianity.” To that, the girl looked up and said, “what?”. I wasn’t loud enough. Darnit Anna. I scooted up to sit next to her. “Mere Christianity. I read it last year in school and thought it was pretty good. How do you like it?”

Weird look. I imagined what’s going through this girl’s head. “What a freak. She has the nerve to talk to me on the bus in front of a bunch of people about my reading choice?” But no. It turns out she’s a new Christian whose parents are not super supportive of her going to church. They don’t believe in an afterlife, so they think she’s wasting her time. She first started going to church because a friend invited her. *way to go Lumi’s friend!!!* We talked the rest of the bus ride and found out we take the same route every morning. Hopefully we’ll see eachother again, and hopefully I’ll be able to strengthen her faith as she takes baby steps as a new Christian. 

Will it always work out this way? And do I advocate talking to strangers on the bus?

Not necesarially (to both questions). I think that if you have a divine appointment with someone, yes, it will work out exactly the way God wants it to. And no–don’t go talking to random people for the heck of it. But if you feel God calling you to do something, even if it’s an extreme something or something that is waaaay out of your comfort zone, do it. God’s always right.

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