As I was sitting on the bus yesterday, my phone buzzed in my pocket. The short buzz meant it was just a text, 3 longer buzzes or The Office ringtone would have meant someone was calling. But the fact that my phone buzzed at all made me really excited. Eagerly I flipped open the phone to see who had texted me. Some names I get really excited to see and can’t open the message fast enough. Others I sigh and delay opening till I’m in a more social frame of mind. When I was thinking about how funny this is, I realized the same applies to e-mails. Certain people have filled certain “spots” in my life which determine how excited I am to hear from these peope. For instance:

  • Shannon–a very good friend, but often goofy. I’m excited to hear from her, but she’s not one of the top
  • Amanda–a friend from youth group who has a lot of tough things going on in her life. Generally her texts are telling me the latest problem she’s having, so I have to gear up to read them.
  • Caroline–one of my all-time closest friends who happens to live all the way across the nation from me. I’m happy to not have a sister, but if I HAD to have one, I’d pick Caroline. I love her to pieces. I open her messages really fast.
  • Steven–I have 2 biological brothers and then there’s Steven. We adopted eachother in highschool. He’s my 3rd brother, and I love texting him, as his girlfriend is really protective of him in public.
  • Josh–One of the most godly young men I know. We’ve shared life together over our online school for the last 2 years and this summer have kept up over text and e-mail. Like Steven, he’s really encouraged me in my walk with Jesus. I love hearing from him.
  • Becca–Another friend across the nation from online school. Lovely Becca is a very sweet and caring friend. She doesn’t e-mail me often, so when she does I skip everything else and open that.

While I was thinking this through, I kept thinking “I couldn’t imagine my life without this person” or “man, I’m SO glad I have this person in my life”. That led me to thinking about the importance of fellowship and community with other believers. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says “two are better than one, if one falls the other can help him up.” Youth group and church are the highlight of my week. As I mentioned yesterday, life can be tough. Having other close friends who care about you and can give you good advice really helps. The more I surround myself with good Christian friends, the more I find myself looking to Jesus for everything, and not worrying about pleasing other people. If you’re not involved with a good youth group, small group, Bible Study, or whatever for your own spiritual well-being, DO. Get involved with a community of believers. Grow your faith.


August 19, 2008. Lessons from God.

One Comment

  1. cj replied:

    “Small Group”? Is that what you call it? I like to call it “Home Group”, I have also heard it been called “Care Group”:)

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