I’m back!

After a great week in the sun I arrived home last Friday. God is faithful and answered my prayer. If the financial aid comes in, and I am accepted to the school, I will be attending California Baptist University next fall. I couldn’t be more surprised at my choice. CBU was at the very bottom of my list, but you know the curveballs God likes to throw in to life when we think we “know it all”. CBU really fit me as a person, and I’m excited about the Christian worldview, but the fact that the student population is diversewith just 75% professing Christians. The other 25% varies in their religious views.

In other news, I chatted with a friend the other day. We are the two older girls in my youth group who aren’t dating. She likes to call us “single”. I don’t think single applies till we’re in college. We are struggling together over being different. I don’t think it’s a “sin” to date in highschool (as long as you stay pure in the reationship) but it’s just not for me. I want to spend my 4 years pursuing Jesus not some dude.

Any advice from other ladies who’ve been where we are and know what we’re going through? Any advice from people who chose TO date in highschool and how that effected your future? I keep sticking to my ideals, waiting for my man, knowing God has a plan, and praying for patience.

CBU has an Army ROTC program.


Did I ever mention I love guys in uniform??


September 15, 2008. Lessons from God. 2 comments.

I’ll Be Back

not that anyone would be concerned, since I rarely post anyway, but I’m going to be chillin in SoCal for a few days and will post (hopefully) about which college is my #1 choice and why when I get back.

Comment and blow me away by how much I’m missed 😀

The schools I’m visiting:

  • Biola University
  • Concordia University Irvine
  • California Baptist University

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