It’s that time of year again!!

For those of you who are voting this election, I’d like to throw out my picks for president and Governor, and the one initiative that I’m passionate about.

President: McCain/Palin

Probably doesn’t surprise you. I have a big problem with Obama’s policies. For instance, he is for abortion. I’m 100% against it. He also would try to ban citizens’ right to keep and  bear arms. Sound familiar? It’s in the Bill of Rights. He also would try to make it hate speech for anyone to speak out against homosexuals. And he’d also turn our country into a socialistic mess. Don’t believe me? Leave a comment, and I’ll prove it to you. Most people who are voting for Obama don’t really know where he stands on the big issues. If you’re voting for him, read what he stands for, and think about re-considering.

WA state governor: Dino Rossi

Currently,  under Gregoire’s “leadership” our state has fallen into its worst economic shape in years. I don’t see anything GOOD that governor Gregoire has done. Rossi is supported by the Seattle Times, UW and WSU’s campus newspapers, and some of the most liberal people in the state–even though he’s Republican. It’s time for a change (as Obama’s slogan states) vote for Dino Rossi.

I-1000: vote NO

This initiative would allow physicians to administer lethal drugs to terminally ill patients. Physician Assisted Suicide. Visist for more info.

Everyone (who is of voting age) you NEED to vote this election. It’s SO SO SO important. Our country could take a major turn for the worse if Obama is elected, and I love our country too much to see that happen without a fight. Vote. Get your conservative friends to vote. Be informed. Don’t just vote for the best looking/sounding candidate. PLEASE.


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  1. Always Smiling :) replied:

    I voted the exact same way as you on those 3. 🙂

  2. fifthdecade replied:

    No, don’t vote for the candidate with the best policies, vote for the candidate who has admitted he “doesn’t really understand the economy” who said he would pick a running mate with “strong economic qualifications” and then chose – Sarah Palin! She of the “I don’t know anything, but I can wink well!” persuasion…

  3. Anna and "Lawrence" replied:

    I’d have to differ with you here. I’m not going to argue about the candidates. I just really can’t bring myself to vote for a man who will change the America I know, love, and feel safe in to a place where freedom of speech will be seriously handicapped, and small children are murdered every day. Oh, I mean fetuses are aborted. So McCain isn’t the best candidate in the world (I would have actually preferred Huckabee or Romney) but he certainly beats the morals (or lack thereof) of the alternative.

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