Even in the hard things

So I’m sure no one reads this anymore, since I’ve been SUCH a slacker and never posting. But I just thought I’d vent anyway.

So this morning I was reading my Bible in the car at school. I get there fifteen minutes early, so I thought I’d make good use of my time. I was reading about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, and the last supper, and I prayed that no matter what happened today, God would be glorified.

As a high school senior, I have been asked “the question” (where are you going to college?) a bazillion times. As a high school senior who is waiting for God’s plan to perhaps be shown through a certain financial aid letter, this question really gets on my nerves. I have to go into the ten-minute long explanation, “I’m not sure where I’m going to college, yet. I’ve been accepted to all three schools, but I’m really just waiting for my financial aid package from my top school. That’s what will decide if I can go there or not.”

Eagerly anticipating my awards package, I waited. And waited. And Waited for it to come. Eventually I e-mailed my admissions counselor to see exactly when it should be here (because we had problems with one of our forms) and she said it would come on Monday the 16th.

I was fine with waiting till Monday. At least I had a date. And then…today….I got the e-mail saying I could login!!!!! I was sooooo excited!!! but soooo scared!!! So much rests on this silly awards package.

But when I tried to login, it wouldn’t work. A call to my counselor and e-mail to the tech guy later, turns out there’s a glitch in the program, and I’m going to have to wait till tomorrow to find out. Patience is the hardest thing ever.

But I will wait patiently….even in the hard things.


March 12, 2009. Lessons from God.

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  1. Hepzibah Hastings replied:

    Wow. That reminds me of a great book I read called Do Hard Things. These two Christian teens wrote it and ever since it came out there has been a huge movment in thousands of Cristian teens’ hearts including mine. Check out thier website The Rebelution. You would be amazed at how big this movment has gotten, and it is all for the glory of God!

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