My Issue with “Modesty”

Okay, most of us agree that modesty is not only good, it is essential. Especially Christian guys agree with this. Here’s my beef with the whole topic. We were talking about honoring people of the opposite sex, at our youth group’s grad retreat this past weekend. The issue of modesty came up and my youth pastor made some interesting comments which led me to think that life’s really not fair. ( 😉 )

Why is it that girls have to be so careful about dressing modestly? Because guys’ minds work differently than girls’ minds, and it helps them to be pure for us to be careful how we dress. Got it. BUT why don’t girls like to dress modestly? Because the girls who get any/all attention from guys are the ones who don’t dress modestly. The flirts. So most girls want that attention–part of the way God wired us.

I know that most of the guys who read this are Christian guys and will say “of course I don’t do that” etc. But really stop and think about it. Unless you live in a place where everyone dresses super modestly, who do you pay the most attention to? Not necesarially who you talk to but who do you watch? Who do you look at? Who do you try to sit near? We girls notice these things. So my issue is, why do girls get the sermon over and over about how WE need to dress modestly, and guys never get the sermon about honoring the girls who try?

I’d love your thoughts on this. I know my readership has gone down since I haven’t been posting but I do moniter comments, so please leave me a note.


May 27, 2009. Lessons from God.


  1. Lisa replied:


  2. Erik B. replied:

    I think that you are absolutely right on. Frankly, if guys were showing proper respect and commendation toward girls who made the effort to dress modestly it would go a long way. Honestly though, for myself, the girls I respect the most are the ones who dress modestly. A mature Christian man seeking a mature woman will be drawn to the humble spirit outwardly demonstrated by her dress. God Bless.
    Erik B.

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