Out with the old, and in with the new

Well since I’m graduating, I’ve decided to re-evaluate some things in my life. One of those things is this blog. I do keep up on my other one, but sometimes I feel like I’m just so restricted on this blog. Until now it’s been a place where I write epiphanies God has given me. Usually the posts took a little while to write, and I just didn’t keep up on it (obviously). So while I will still write the brilliant epiphanies I’ve been having, I’m also just going to keep up on the day to day more boring, more ordinary part of life and what I see God doing in the little things.

Which is also why I’m changing my blog title. Lost, Losing, Loved has both spiritual and “normal” meaning to it. I first thought of it as how without Christ’s love, we are lost–losing that daily battle of life. But being loved by Jesus totally changes life. Now there’s purpose and meaning. Now I can fight that daily battle with strength and endurance.

But it also means just what it says. A lot of times I get lost. Not directionally, but I’m the one whose face glazes over half way through the story and says “wait, I’m lost”. Losing–I……generally like to think I’m a whole lot better/cooler/gooder than I am. I’m hoping I’ll be able to record some of the parts of life when I’m a loser or DON’T win everything. And finally, loved. I have the BEST support group of people in my life. My youth group has been instrumental in who I am today. My home school buddies are also the best. I love the tight-knit community we make.


So that’s the new direction this blog is taking. It will still be from a Jesus-focused point of view, but not all about God and revelations. If that means you want to take me off your blog list, feel free–I w0n’t be offended. This is just where God wants me to go.




June 8, 2009. Lessons from God.

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