Dawn of New Opportunities

Being an ‘official adult’. It’s so wierd. Planning my life for this next fall is proving more difficult than I thought it would. For instance, finding a job.

I work 2 jobs during the summer. One is choreographing/assistant directing musical theater camps for 3-6th graders. My year-round job has been working at Cold Stone Creamery (an ice cream store). I feel like I need to move on but I’m also going to be taking a lot of credits this fall at college. SO do I work, to save $$ for next year’s school fees? The other option is to take a break from work (or work a shift or two at Cold Stone) and get non-paid experience in the professional field I want to go into.

Add to that yet ANOTHER opportunity. This morning at church, our campus pastor mentioned that he volunteers as a mentor at the local juvenille rehab facility. He aslo talked about how it’s an amazing way to reach out to the teens who need help in our community. I’ve always felt that God has been calling me to work with teens. Yes, I’m one of them, being 18 myself, but for 2 years I’ve been a student leader in my youth group, and there’s nothing quite like introducing other teens to Jesus.

So I e-mailed my cp to see if I’m old enough to volunteer as a mentor. I know they have kids there as young as 12, so there’s a possibility I could be old enough for the younger kids. Plus, I’ve grown up with two parents and two great brothers, but I have had somewhat broken relationships within my family. So although both my parents have still been physically here, maybe God has been using my broken-ness to prepare me to work with kids who have no dad or have been abused?

That’s what I’m facing right now. So many opportunities. My parents said maybe I should wait to mentor until I’m older and in a different “season” of my life. But I’m thinking why wait? I just finished high school, I’ve just come out of the thick of all this, maybe I’d be just as good of a mentor as someone who’s been out of the teenage years for a while. Why should I have to wait just because I’m 18? “Let no one look down on you BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUNG” (I Timothy 4:12a)

Pray for me, if you would. That’s what I’m doing. Begging God to help me see what I should be doing this upcoming year.


July 5, 2009. Lessons from God. Leave a comment.